May 6, 4 pm

Event completed: 11 conversations

Membership Networking - CAI Illinois

by CAI Illinois


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On the first Thursday of every month, CAI Illinois is taking time to give CAI Members and those who might be interested in joining CAI an opportunity to connect!

Meet new industry contacts or re-connect with ones you already know. You'll be matched with a different manager, board member, or business partner every 5 minutes to introduce yourselves and network.


Jeff Dickson
Amia Graham
Calvin Cornish, CEM
Daniel Valdes
Kyle D. Magnuson, NCARB
Mimi Anderson
Newell Bentley
Pam O'Deen
Rick Pedersen
Steven Siegel
Tim Ross
CAI Illinois (Moderator)
Amy Haith
Andrea Goldberg
Avi Sharma
Brian Demas
Darci Kavanagh
Gidget Curtis
Jason Seebacker
Joe Gosselin
Kimberly Crawford
Kyle Magnuson
Matt O'Malley
Norm Kleber
Paola Meinzer
Patrick Mulkerrin
Svetlana Slavina
Tiana Mladonicky

Completed Event
During the event, blitzers completed a total of 11 conversations.

Thursday, May 6 @ 4:00 pm

4:00 Conference (5 minutes)
4:05 1-on-1 Networking
(12 conversations @ 5 minutes each)
5:05 Feedback
5:06 Conference (5 minutes)