Apr 13, 9 am

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Coffee & Contacts - April 2021

by Gina Grone
in Northside Chamber of Commerce


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Blitzr allows for 1-on-1 video chats in a speed-networking setup. Many other chambers and networking groups are having success with this format!

During this event, you will be connected to 7 individuals for 1-on-1 video networking. Each conversation will last 7 minutes and there will be a 30 second break in between each. We will start and end the session with a message from the Chamber.

A few things to keep in mind as we test this tool together:
--How to Use Blitzr info: https://blitzr.com/howtoblitz
--You cannot join with a phone or tablet, you must join with a desktop computer. Chrome is the recommended browser and the interface may or may not work with other browser. (Testing has resulted in mixed success using other browsers.)
--Update your Blitzr profile with some info that will be useful to someone having a conversation with you - company and job title, relevant links, what you're looking to get from the event or connection, etc. TIP: add you contact info to your profile so people can contact you outside of the Blitzr interface.
--To help you get placed into 1-on-1 video chats that are the most beneficial to you, mark any participants GREEN if you're especially interested in meeting them and mark any participants RED if you're not interested in meeting them.
--After the event, you can leave messages in the Blitzr site for people that you connected with. TIP: leave your contact info in your profile so that people can contact you directly and not through the Blitzr site if they choose.

Looking forward to using this tool with you!


Gina Grone (Moderator)
Joan Gennarini
Linda Hindmarch
Marcy Smorey
Russ York
Wayne Alling
Laura Pfeifer
Shamon Walker
Stephen Deal
Tyler Rathvon
francine priestas
Dave Rancatore
Laura Pfeifer
Vanessa Koper

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During the event, blitzers completed a total of 23 conversations.

Tuesday, Apr 13 @ 9:00 am

9:00 Conference (5 minutes)
9:05 1-on-1 Networking
(7 conversations @ 7 minutes each)
9:54 Feedback
9:55 Conference (5 minutes)