Jun 21, 7 pm

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Meditation (Becoming Aware of oneself)

by John Morley
in John C. Morley (Serial Entrepreneur)


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In this Event I will not presume that anyone as ever meditated but it is also a great course for those that have years of meditation experience as it will build on what you know.

The format of the event will be (90 Minutes)
1) 1st 30 Mins for instructions
2) 2nd part will be 30 mins of Connecting with others to see how it was for them and you.
3) 3rd part will be 30 mins to make sure everyone understands today's lesson

Please be sure to attend from a chrome browser in a quite area where you will not be disturbed.


John Morley (Moderator)
Brian Walterich
Carol Dohoney
Dan Hunziker
Gary Rolllock
Joseph Kirwan
Leslie Sauter
Raju kaladi
Ray Chambers
Tunji Oke
sofia stefou
Deborah Kent
Glen Williams
Jahmir Robinson
Katie Connor
Lori Hendricks
Patricia Murphy
Yan Gindin
karen johnson

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Monday, Jun 21 @ 7:00 pm

7:00 Conference (30 minutes)
7:30 1-on-1 Networking
(8 conversations @ 6 minutes each)
8:18 Feedback
8:19 Conference (30 minutes)