Jun 12, 12 pm

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Meet Up to Scale Up - "Building Brand Value" Session #1

by Kathryn Blume
in Heady Vermont


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Join us for fun, informal and informative conversation and collaboration! Meghan Lynch, CEO of Six-Point Creative will discuss how to build brand value as you scale your business, and answer your questions about brand strategy. Then we will have three 8-minute "speed connections" where attendees will meet one-on-one with each other to discuss, share ideas, and collaborate. This is the first event in a three part series.


AJ Van Wallendael (Moderator)
Kathryn Blume (Moderator)
Meghan Lynch (Moderator)
Jennifer Zalkin
Megan Dobro
Ghazenfer Mansoor
Joyce Gerber
Mandy Arnold
Michael Salemi
Monica Donovan
Sara Farnsworth
Susan Snowden
Tamala McBath
Tania Dornic
Tom Gosche
Tracey A Kallman
Will Read
Ashley Morgan
Dan Garms
David Bosch
George W. Hightower
Koren Lipsett
Leon Porcher
Lily Temmer
Liz Carroll
Noelle Lamuniere
Rich Shinnick
Sarah Shaw

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Friday, Jun 12 @ 12:00 pm

12:00 Conference (25 minutes)
12:25 1-on-1 Networking
(3 conversations @ 8 minutes each)
12:49 Feedback
12:50 Conference (5 minutes)