Mar 3, 4 pm

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Meet Jim Iuorio -

by Kenny Polcari
in Host of the Party - Kenny Polcari


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Jim is a managing director at TJM Institutional Services - a veteran options and futures trader that is also a CNBC personality. He is also the owner of Brandt's of Palatine - a local Chicago tavern with a long history of service to the community of Palatine - who was also at risk of losing his business during the the covid crisis. ( Luckily he managed to hold it all together and come out stronger on the other end. Together we will discuss mkts, trading, food and the recovery.


Kenny Polcari (Moderator)
Fred Feiner
James Iuorio
Jeff Sheehan
John Rubens
Mark Cooper - SF Bay Area Commercial Real Estate
Michael Johnson
Michelle DiPippo
Andrew Price
Beth Bridges
Eugene Roumie
George Reilly
Gordon Leaman
Harry Jennings
Jeff Durso
Marc Gendron
Marcos Rodriguez
Matthew A Lee
Michael Farr
Ted Lee
Vincent Gioeni
Wrey Tingo
steve stretti
Art Hogan
Daniel Castillo
Diane Quan
Kori Nilsen

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Wednesday, Mar 3 @ 4:00 pm

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