Mar 12, 9 am

Event completed: 167 conversations

Multi Chamber Speed Networking Blitzr Event

by Jennifer Lukezich
in Byron Center Chamber of Commerce


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Grab a coffee and join us on this new platform for some upgraded 1-on-1 speed networking.

Be sure update your profile so we all know who will be joining us. Once you have registered, check back before the event and pre select who you want to network with.

If you need help navigating the site, please reach out to Jennifer Lukezich with questions (616) 878-0108


Jennifer Lukezich (Moderator)
Andrea Zoet
Barb Reimbold
Brenda Hennink
Cate Marfia
Craig Ackermann
Holly Chrisman
Ian Bowyer
J.R. Muller
Jason Lancaster
Jeanine Kinzie
Jeffrey Howlett
Joan Horning
Kara Reif
Kate Landis
Kris Johnson
Kristin Ruther
MIke Lewis
Rodney Conlon
Vicente Rojas
Allen Gilbert
Ashlynne Gilbert
Barb Nauta
Brent Springvloed
Chad DuRussel
Craig Stolsonburg
Dawn Levian
Debra Carpenter
Derek Nofz
Heather Schaedig
Jeff Troutman
Jill Murray
Jodie Blake
Lori Gaier
Margie Lenau'
Michael Nitz
Michelle Fare
Paul Spica
Sarah Boucher
Susan Anderson
Wyndi Moore
Ann Frass
Ann Radke
Brent Springvloed
Carolyn Boji
Denise Behm
Evan Sassack, CFP®, CIMA®, CPFA
Jason Miller
Jeff Bryant
Joel Emerson
Katy Piirala
Kristie Wackerle
Lindsey Hicks
Matt Casterline
Rick Kennedy, MBA
Rick Rusthoven
Rusty Williams
Ryan Sullivan
Summer Rietsma
Tim Brummel
Trey Collins
Whitney Ehresman

Completed Event
During the event, blitzers completed a total of 167 conversations.

Friday, Mar 12 @ 9:00 am

9:00 Conference (5 minutes)
9:05 1-on-1 Networking
(10 conversations @ 5 minutes each)
9:55 Feedback
9:56 Conference (5 minutes)