Sponsor Blitzr Conversations

The Blitzr Sponsor Network (BSN) enables you to put highly interactive placements in front of conversations throughout the Blitzr network. Key benefits of sponsor placements include:

  • Undivided attention of Blitzers for up to 30 seconds
  • Interactive placement types
  • Sponsor as yourself or as your group
  • Retarget messages towards users based on how they engaged your prior placements
  • Ability to target users based on events and prior activity on Blitzr
Watch a video introduction to the Blitzr Sponsor Network

Interactive BSN Placements

Unlike other networks where your static messages compete for attention with multiple other messages; BSN shows one exclusive, interactive message to each user per conversation. All placement types include your name and photo (or group name and photo). We are creating new interactive placement types all the time. As of now, placement types include:

  • Basic Placement: Show a headline, a summary, and a prominent "Learn More" button.
  • Interactive Poll: Give participants a poll question and 2-5 answers.
  • Optin Placement: Show a headline, make a free offer, and capture user's email via optin.

Intelligent Targeting and Retargeting

Place your ads across the BSN, or laser target based on current groups & blitzes, and also based on users who have attended certain blitzes in the past. You can set different bids based on different targeting parameters and objectives.

Using intelligent retargeting campaigns, you can build relationship with your audience 1 step at a time. For example, you could place an interactive poll as the first impression; then create a followup campaign for users who answered #2 on the poll with a specific offer via an Optin Placement.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Simply create a free Blitzr profile by clicking 'Login / Signup', then Click 'Sponsor' to return here.

  1. Billing Tab: Add a credit card and fund your account - you can get started for as little as $10. You can also set automatic replenishment, so your campaigns keep running.
  2. Creatives Tab: Create and manage all of your placements
  3. Campaigns Tab: Setup direct and retargeting campaigns and monitor your results over time