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Kevin Monroe
X Factor / Higher Purpose

"This is the most amazing, engaging, connected experience... It's so much more than networking!"

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Virtual events fail to capture the magic of their live counterparts.

Without 1-on-1 networking, your event is just a webinar. Even with carefully crafted content and top-notch speakers, event planners are fighting an uphill battle against videoconference fatigue.

And the stakes couldn’t be higher. Either you engage your audience now, or you risk losing them – possibly forever.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to re-capture the magic of your in-person events - and bring it back to your virtual attendees.

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Introducing a 1-on-1 conversation platform like no other

Blitzr is the culmination of our belief in 1-on-1 and our commitment to refining every nuance of the experience to deliver the same magical experience to your virtual 1-on-1’s that your attendees could have gotten from in-person events.

Ask anyone who’s attended a blitz and they’ll talk about how magical the event felt as a participant.

But the roots go much deeper than that.

1-on-1 networking is where your event’s potential becomes kinetic

In an in-person event, the content is great – but it’s the chance encounters, the serendipitous unplanned meetings, the late-night 1-on-1 conversations with other participants that bring the event to life.

These 1-on-1’s create new friendships, partnerships, and opportunities as they take the community’s ideas to the next level through deep interactive discussion.

Great 1-on-1’s add up to great events

We strongly believe that these 1-on-1 conversations can elevate any group to its highest potential – and do so virtually.

Even so, most event platforms omit 1-on-1 conversations entirely – and the ones that offer it at all provide it as a blunt hammer-to-screw solution so they can “check the box” on 1-on-1 or “small group breakouts.”

But - the devil is in the details

A virtual 1-on-1 platform can only work if it understands and respects all of the tiny details and nuances that make 1-on-1 encounters work in the physical world.

If done improperly, it can feel contrived, chaotic, and random.

Done right – it can lead to pure magic.

We also give event and group owners the tools, analytics, and support needed to successfully promote their Blitz events – and to turn the goodwill created during the event into follow-up action, referrals, and sustained growth over time.

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