How to Blitz

Blitzr is a platform that helps people connect for meaningful moments in 1-on-1 conversations. It was born during the COVID crisis to help recreate the magic human connection in a socially distant world.
We are building a place for human beings to connect and stay connected -- building lasting meaningful relationships that go far beyond the shallowness of existing social media.
Steps to your first Blitzr event:
1. Set up your profile. Make sure you set up your profile prior to the event with your key info you want to share - bio, picture, links to website and/or social media.
2. Make sure you show up on time for the Blitz. The event will start promptly at the indicated time. It is important that you show up, as you are counted as a participant. We want everyone to get matched.
3. You MUST click to JOIN at the top of the page. After you do that you will notice the clock on the right-hand side counts down to the start of the event.
4. You will be matched up for one-on-one conversations (usually between 5 and 10 depending on how the event is set up) with a 30-second break between each one. Each conversation is just a few minutes long, so share the floor with the other person. In the unlikely event that there is an odd number of attendees to the event, you might not be matched with anyone for one conversation. Enjoy the break and use this time to send follow-ups to the people you just spoke to.
5. Not sure what to chat about? Do you have a new book coming out? A question about your proposal? A fun update to share on what you have been doing? Just see where the conversation takes you.
6. Moments after we finish, you will receive an email with a list of people you talked to. You can go back into the platform and connect with the ones you want to talk with further.
Other tips to keep in mind:
§ Please keep in mind that Blitzr works best if you use Chrome as your browser. A laptop or desktop is best.
§ Once you have completed your profile, you can go into the list of participants for the event you registered for and choose who you would - or would not - like to be paired with during the event by clicking on the green and red buttons next to each participant’s name. The platform will do its best to accommodate your preferences depending on the number of people registered.
§ After you have set your profile, make sure you test your video and microphone to make sure it’s all working.
The event will start on time and once it gets started it is fast, furious, and FUN! Sit back and ENJOY!