Terms of Use Agreement
Last Updated on March 25, 2019

Our service is powered by the Blitzr platform provided by Blitzr, Inc. (In this agreement the words "we", "our" or "us" cover both and Blitzr, Inc.) When you use our site you're going to talk with other people over the phone. You're also going to create and maintain an online profile, much like you would on other social networking sites.

Signing up for a profile on our site is free. The vast majority of events on the platform are free of charge, but you may be required to pay something when you choose to attend some events. You may also choose to pay us to host an event for you or to get certain other benefits from us. We can't charge you or bill you for anything unless you've given us permission to do so. If and when the time comes to pay us we'll let you know.

We're going to communicate with you by email and via SMS. We may send you confirmation notes, reminders, invitations to other upcoming events, etc. You agree this is OK.

By the way - you really should read our Privacy Policy too! It tells you who can get your email address and when.

To use our site and service you agree to the following:
- You're not under 13
- The profile you use on our site is actually you
- You own the content you put on your profile, not us
- You won't put content someone else owns on your profile
- You won't put any viruses or other nastiness on your profile
- You won't create links on our site to sites which contain pornography
- You won't harass anyone else in any way on our site or service
- You're not going to do or plan anything illegal while using our site and service
- Your participation in an event can and will be recorded

We aren't responsible for proactively monitoring anything that happens on our site or using our service. If you find that someone is using material you own or somehow harassing or demeaning you please let us know. We'll do everything we can to confirm your statements and take the appropriate action (including taking down the content or monitoring/banning the person who is being harassing or demeaning).

You can ask us to close your account at any time. When we close your account we can either mark you as "Private" or delete your whole account. That choice is yours.

We can close your account and remove your profile without warning any time we like. It doesn't have to be with cause or notice - but it usually will be. If we DO close your account because you've breached this agreement AND you've paid us we don't have to refund your money.

We can change this Agreement any time we like. When we do we'll let you know in writing. If you continue to use our site and service after we've changed this agreement we'll know you've accepted the new Agreement.

Finally, you're using our site and service "as is". While we strive for 100% uptime and we work to assure you have a great experience, we don't guarantee that's what you'll get. Furthermore, we are not liable at all if the service fails to operate as it's supposed to nor are we liable for any damages or loss of revenue you have (or believe you have) incurred because we didn't do what you expected it to do. By checking the box below you agree to hold us (and everyone affiliated or related to us) harmless should the system not work as you're expecting it to.