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Accelerated Business Networking
"Chance Favors the Prepared Mind" - Louis PasteurGet prepared quick, with Accelerated Business Networking! This group is committed to helping each other achieve our goals with strong networking practices! Join us every week and get to know those you have not met yet and catch up with those you have. Come prepare yourself and make the most out of your hour!
Jason Clubb 8539 Total Conversations
ACE FAIR - Mayor of Networking
Our Forever Goal is to HELP LEAD business people to contact to others so we can ALL Create a Never Ending Chain of Contacts Leads & Referrals for all of us!
ACE FAIR 3328 Total Conversations

Chamber Pros Community
A place for Chamber Pros to meet each other and discuss chamber topics.
Frank Kenny 2714 Total Conversations

Blitzr Events
Beth Bridges 2499 Total Conversations
Dianna Whitley 2348 Total Conversations

SF Bay Area Business Owners Network (BON)
SF Bay Area BUSINESS OWNERS NETWORK (BON) Goodbye Zoom, hello REAL networking. Join us for our monthly networking series bringing business owners & professionals together from around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Our purpose: to grow our businesses by making valuable connections.
Mark Cooper 1298 Total Conversations

Beth Bridges' Brilliant Networkers
Welcome Brilliant Networker!
I'm Beth Bridges, The Networking Motivator and I've attended over 3,000 networking events in person.
I'm the author of "Networking on Purpose" which hit #1 in two categorieson Amazon.
I've been featured as a networking expert in articles on sites like the Huffington Post, Monster, American Express, The New York Post and Thought Leader Life.
My mission is to help you to be more connected ... in person and online for your business, your career and your life.
Join me and my excellent networking friends here on Blitzr for my mini-webinars every Monday.
Beth Bridges 1268 Total Conversations
Systems Summits
Systems Summits is a series of summits offered quarterly targeting Micro Businesses (for-profit and nonprofit) which represent 86% of the US economy. They face unique challenges and each summit will focus on a specific theme of a long-existing problem – implementing systems and processes. These summits will provide actionable and value-driven solutions that include but are not limited to, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales and Business Development.
Stan Shields 1159 Total Conversations

Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Members
We are an inclusive network of business professionals committed to your success. Thank you to Tom Childrey, the Credit Card Guy, Beyond as our series sponsor.
Danielle Fitz-Hugh 850 Total Conversations

Fulshear Katy Area Chamber of Commerce Blitzr's
A group formed and moderated by the Fulshear Katy Area Chamber of Commerce to develop a Return on Business Relationships
Don McCoy 784 Total Conversations
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