Jan 12, 4 pm

Event completed: 117 conversations

Networking Blitz - January

by Kristen Parent
in Middleton Chamber of Commerce


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One of the Chamber’s missions is to help the business community make connections. Even though it is hard for us to gather in person right now, the need for professional connections still remains.

During this event, you will be connected to 7 individuals for one-on-one video networking. Each conversation will last 7 minutes and there will be a 30 second break in between each. We will start and end the session with a message from the Chamber. You will be able to log into your Blitzr account to select who you would like to meet with for networking. Make sure your Blitzr Profile is complete with a link to the business and/or LinkedIn profile. After the event, you can log into Blitzr to contact those you connected with during the event.

You do not need to register on the Chamber's website for this event. Just make sure you're signed up in Blitzr, have filled out your profile, and selected who you'd like to meet.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is for Middleton Chamber MEMBERS ONLY and those considering membership with us. If you do not live in our area, you will not be accepted into this event.


Kristen Parent (Moderator)
Allan Caspar
Andy White
Ava Janssen
Ben Delzer
Carole Schaeffer
Dawn Ferengo
Desiree Paananen
Emily Wills
Erica Barker
Ginette Compton
Jared Brunner
Kim Sweatt
Laura Van Remortel
Michael Kollath
Mike Walters
Prepare Parents LLC Linda Armas
Samuel Jessup
Shannon Clayton
Van Nutt
Dave Neelsen
Dawn Mullarney
Dustin Serbin
Dustin Serbin
Emily Bissen
Gail Johnson
Hanna Meronk
Ignacio Cortez
Jared Schumacker
Jennifer Kratochwill
John Seamon
Kelsey Andersen
Lisa Quam
Manotee Cornett
Paul Onsager
Paul Stang
Sung Hee Grittmann
Tiffany Bernhardt Schultz
Vicki Buening, CPA, CVA
Alysa Ninneman
Cory Even
Emily Randerson
Greg Fleck
Jaimie Sherling (she/her)
Jessica Lack
Joel Schmidt
Kate Miller
Keith Voogd
Laura mael
Lynette Eickhoff
Ray Tierney
Travis Doying

Completed Event
During the event, blitzers completed a total of 117 conversations.

Tuesday, Jan 12 @ 4:00 pm

4:00 Conference (5 minutes)
4:05 1-on-1 Networking
(7 conversations @ 7 minutes each)
4:54 Feedback
4:55 Conference (5 minutes)