Nov 18, 10:30 am

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The Business of Connections

by Dianne Pilla
in The Business of Connections


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This quick but powerful event is for entrepreneurs to connect and build a professional network. Running a business of any sort is impossible alone. I invite you to join a group of incredible entrepreneurs in our region to facilitate growth and community together.

Contribution is a big part of networking success. Those that win in networking give first, give generously, and give often. This event is based in an environment that is about collaboration, support and sharing ideas.

If building your network is part of your marketing strategy (p.s. it's one of the most effective), this event is one of the easiest ways to be consistent with that strategy.

The opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs on a regular basis isn't always easy or convenient, and this platform removes the difficulty. It is easy, convenient (right from your desk) and quick (less than 40 minutes weekly) yet very effective.

I am confident you'll find this style of networking fun, inspiring and extremely valuable.


Dianne Pilla (Moderator)
Roxanne Kipnes

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Thursday, Nov 18 @ 10:30 am

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